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VIDEO Dr Peter Levine Working Through Personal Trauma

>Dr Peter Levine on working through personal trauma



Discover How Your Body is Keeping Score

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It’s a beautiful clear sunny day when I am the front seat passenger of my car with my teenage Learner driver behind the wheel.  Learner driver is doing well however, I on the other hand, not so much!  As we take a corner and my weight shifts on the seat, my heart rate increases, breathing becomes rapid, my body tenses and I break out into a sweat.  Tension and pain is screaming through my lower back, shoulders and neck as the thought that I am not in control of the vehicle and fear ripples through every cell in my body.  I’m in fight or flight mode and since I’m stuck in the vehicle, fight mode is engaged as I instruct my Learner driver to pull over so I can regain control of the vehicle.  

Not a proud moment I openly admit but I am back behind the wheel, my body is aching and I have the need to get home and withdraw from the world.

Apart from going a little too fast around the corner, learner driver still remained in control of the vehicle and we were OK.  So what happened here?

My body memory had been triggered and internal systems were reliving the reactions from a motor vehicle accident that I had been involved in some 26 years earlier. 

Experiences including trauma are held within our body at a subconscious level which sets off ripples of reactions within our body when triggered, and quite often by seemingly insignificant things.  These reactions may be physical, chemical and emotional.  Alternatively, the original trauma can result in certain parts of the brain shutting down, causing depersonalization where we become completely disengaged from our emotion, which affects all of our relationships including the most important relationship – with ourselves.  When depersonalization occurs however, the ripple effect of reactions still occurs within our body, but there is no emotion attached to it.

In instances where emotion remains active, we may be able to talk to others about our experiences which can help greatly although might not shift the energetic or physical blocks.  Alternatively we can seek treatment for our physical symptoms which can help greatly in relieving physical pain but not shift the energetic or emotional blocks.   Where we have complete emotional blocks, the original event can be blacked out completely as part of a protection mechanism or we can relay the story without being emotionally connected at all.  However, the body systems continue to react when we are not even aware of it.  This affects every single aspect of our life including how we feel about ourselves, our interaction and behaviour towards others and how we deal with stress, now and into the future. 

Wherever you are on the spectrum of awareness with your body, at Healing For Success, we take into account what you want to achieve during your Wellbeing Sessions whilst supporting development of your awareness and utilising specialised healing modalities to assist your body return to a place of balance.

We have developed Wellbeing Packages to provide you with a holistic approach to assist your body systems to release towards your wellbeing.  Our specialised healing modalities may assist with:-

Physical Wellbeing

May result in relief of physical symptoms as well as creating inner change on some levels

Swedish Relaxation Massage: this may include some deep tissue and trigger point therapy

Emmett Technique:  for a more gentle, yet more direct and extremely effective muscle release therapy

Inner Wellbeing

May assist the body to restore homeostasis (balance) of central nervous system which may result in healing of old wounds, emotional imbalances, clearing energetic blockages and release of physical symptoms.

Ear Candling: assists in relieving mental fatigue and restoring inner ear balance

Reiki: assists in restoring homeostasis reducing fatigue, emotional stress and physical symptoms

Crystal Healing: assists in shifting energetic blockages and relieving physical symptoms

Unfortunately we are unable go back in time to prevent the event happening in the first place that caused the infinite number of ripples to occur throughout our body.  Healing for Success Wellbeing Centre is here for you as an integral part of your Wellbeing Team, to assist your body to return to a place of homeostasis, reduce symptoms, raise your awareness and help you to be the best version of you.

It’s time for some self-care! Book your Wellbeing Session directly online at and together, we can bring about a state of balance to your mind, body & spirit!

Author:  Natarsha Tyson, 14 February 2016