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Our scope of practice includes highly specialised complementary therapies that address both core body reference points and physical symptoms:-

Our Wellbeing Specialist & Muscle Manager is trained and authorised to conduct the following:-

Regular Worshops are also held (see booking calendar for further details)


Session Details

I am happy to offer you a range of complementary services to assist in bringing about a sense of balance  together with relief of physical symptoms.  A list of Sessions available is listed below and you will find full details including price on the Booking Calendar.  More detail on the individual modalities that I offer is shown further down on this page.


*Further details including price are shown on the Booking Calendar

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To find out more detailed information about our highly specialised therapies, please read on....


Emmett Technique

The Emmett Technique is a light muscle management technique that uses single finger pressure, holds or slides to cause the muscle to release the spasm or restriction.  This response is immediate with most clients recognising the benefits of the release at the time of their session however the body will continue to process these releases up to 48 hours after the Session.   The motto of Emmett Technique is "the Chameleon approach" as no two sessions are identicle, the therapist will adapt and adjust on a moment by moment basis as the client's body responds and adjusts to the technique, throughout the session. This is a highly effective therapy and is perfect for those who are senstive to the touch, do not like massage or oils.  Emmett Technique can be done sitting, standing or laying down and is done fully clothed however light, loose fabrics should be worn as tight garmets or restrictive fabrics (such as denim) may need to be loosened or removed).

Emmett Technique is suitable for all ages .  Face to face; and remote Sessions via phone or skype are available for existing clients who have had Emmett Sessions previously (conditions apply)

The following introduction video by Ross Emmett, Australian Creator of Emmett Technique provides a brief outline of the Technique together with details of the training program which he delivered in Europe.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EFT Matrix Reimprinting (EFTMR) 

Modern Psychology and ancient meridian therapy (acupresure) combine as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EFT Matrix Reimprinting (EFTMR).  These two therapies are powerful energy psychology tools that assist in resolving the disruption to the body's energy systems which are often the result of experiencing trauma ranging from pre-birth trauma (eg inherited, mother's experiences), being picked on as a child, accident victims or veterans with PTSD; and everything in between!  These techniques can be applied with the client sitting, standing or laying down and is done fully clothed.

Energetic disruptions as mentioned above, are negative core body reference points held in the subconscious that trigger physical symptoms, behaviour or thought processes. Therefore when these negative core body reference points are resolved they have a transformative affect on the individual; often resolving the multitude of symptoms that are triggered.

EFT and EFTMR are suitable for children 5 years + to the elderly.  Surrogate Sessions are available.  Face to face; and remote Sessions via Skype are available.


EFT, also known as 'Tapping', uses light finger tapping on certain acupuncture meridian points around the body to calm the energy systems of the body which may result in relieving and discharging the energetic build-up of negative beliefs such as 'I'm not good enough', emotional and physical imbalances such as being tearful, anxiety, pain.  EFT is effective on emotions and physical symptoms that you are feeling right now.

EFT Matrix Reimprinting takes EFT to the next level and assists in resolving negative core body reference points such as inherited beliefs, negative beliefs and emotions.  These core issues are held in the subconscious and affect our behaviour and choices. Unlike other talk therapies which often re-expose you to the trauma, EFTMR keeps you dissociated from the trauma, whilst utilising EFT to discharge the energetic disruption in a memory.  By keeping the client at a 'safe distance' re-exposure to the trauma does not occur and healing can take place at the time of the original trauma. This has an astounding healing affect throughout the client's timeline and can transform the client's life.


Reiki is an incredibly relaxing energy treatment method and often results in complete relaxation, relief of physical pain and mental fatigue including symptoms of all types of anxiety.  During a Reiki treatment, the client's body will draw the energy all around us, known as universal or God energy, and use this energy wherever it is needed the most.  The therapist is the 'conduit' through which the energy flows to the client.  Reiki can be given while the client is sitting, standing or lying down and is done fully clothed.

Reiki is suitable for all ages.  Certain conditions may not be suitable for Massage. Surogate Sessions are available. Face to face; and remote Sessions via Skype are available.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is based on Swedish Massage technique and is a non-diagnostic massage treatment that offers relaxation and stress release. Client comfort is the priority during this Session; your session may include the use of water based oils, aromatherapy oils, deep tissue releases etc. This massage Session may require removal of outer clothing with undergarmets to remain on; draping with towels to protect client modesty will be used.  Full-body massage includes all areas requested by client with the exception of private areas.

Swedish Relaxation Massage is suitable for all ages.  Certain conditions may not be suitable for Massage.  Face to face Sessions only are available.



Ear Candling

Ear Candling is a relaxing tool that assists to bring balance to the inner & outer ear, releaving ENT pain & discomfort, including sinus, and is also wonderful at calming a busy mind.  Your therapist will inspect your ears prior to ear candling to ensure that it is appropriate as ear candling should not be performed in the event of an inner ear infection or perforation of the ear drum.  This ear candling session may include the use of flame (to light candle), no-needle syringe flush out build up of excess wax, Emmett Technique sinus &/or jaw release.  Ear Candling is done fully clothed.  We use Biosun Ear Candles, the only ear candles approved by Australian Therapeutic Goods Association approved as medical device.

Ear Candling is suitable from the young to elderly.  Certain conditions may not be suitable for Ear Candling. Face to face Sessions are available.  


Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome, often referred to as Scotopic Sensitivity or perceptual Dyslexia, was discovered by Helen Irlen and has been found to affect an estimated 12 - 14% of the population including gifted students and good readers.  Many individuals with Irlen Syndrome may experience fatigue, eye strain or headaches when reading, calculating, copying, writing, doing math, using computers and smart devices.  They may be struggling with school work, adult education or being in the workplace.  Often those with Irlen Syndrome may also experience light sensitivity particularly with fluorescent lights, oncoming headlights, smart devices including white boards found in schools, as well as have issues with depth perception and co-ordination.  This sensory processing issue of the optic nerve can often result in behaviour issues (eg disruptive or withdrawn), physical symptoms including pain, speech issues including slurred and non-communicative persons (eg stroke or Autistic). 


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